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Tattoo Removal is easier than it’s ever been!

Tattoo Removal is easier
Everyone thinks tattoos are permanent. When you go to get a tattoo even the artist performing it makes sure you are committed to what you are putting on your body.

Everyone thinks tattoos are permanent. When you go to get a tattoo even the artist performing it makes sure you are committed to what you are putting on your body. They don’t want to be responsible for putting something on you and then you hating it, and them, later.

The majority of the time the art is wanted and something we feel we want to carry with us forever. The problem is trends aren’t forever and according to Inked Magazine a lot of the people asking for tattoo removal are booking procedures because they followed the (now over) trend of the moment.

For instance, 10 years ago it was cool to have a tribal tattoo. The classic band around your bicep, maybe a tribal design on your shoulders, or even your lower back made you a “cool kid.” The problem with Tribal tattoos is that they are big and black. Athletes still love them though, especially in extreme sports.

Names are a permanent way of showing how much you love someone, right? Well, relationships may feel like they will last forever at first, but we know from life experience that is often not the case. Love fizzles out, things happen, and it ends. Then you’re stuck with a name tattooed on you, a permanent reminder of something that didn’t work. This is another great example of a removal situation.

Outdated or regretful designs aren’t the only reasons people have tattoos removed. Sometimes, it’s the location of the ink that puts you in a position to need it removed. What seemed like a great idea when you were 17 could be keeping you from the career of your dreams at 25. There are still plenty of employers who frown on tattoos.

Although there are also some employers who have lightened up on dress codes due to changing standards for what is socially and professionally acceptable; tattoos located on the face, forearms, and hands are frequently removed for life changes, opportunities for career change, advancement, and sometimes because you are developing into a different person than you were when you made an idea permanent on your skin.

Inkxtract tattoo Tattoo Removal is easier than it’s ever been!

Contrary to popular belief, as long as there have been tattoos, there has also been a way to remove them. Although the service was possible, people stayed away from it because the methods were almost barbaric and very painful.

In the mid-1900s the popular tattoo removal practices included:

Dermabrasion– An exfoliating technique that removes outer layers of skin. It is used for tattoo removal, fine lines, and acne scars.

TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid)– Chemically peeling numerous layers of skin and tissue off to remove existing tattoos, scars, birthmarks, and blemishes.

Cryosurgery or cryotherapy– The process of using liquid nitrogen to destroy tissue, typically paired with dermabrasion. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the area that needs to be treated and then the skin is scrubbed briskly with dermabrasion to remove layers. With this method of removal the surrounding skin is effected as well.

Salabrasion– Professionals scrub your skin with salt to remove multiple layers.

Every method for tattoo removal consisted of removing multiple layers of skin. Why go through all that pain when you could just ignore, cover up, or hide your tattoo instead?

In 1962 Doctor Leon Goldman used a ruby laser for the first-ever recorded tattoo removal performed by laser. The ruby laser was created by Theodore Maiman and at the time was the most advanced laser around.

During the 1980s doctors John Parrish and Rox Anderson developed a concept known as “photothermolysis.” I am sure you’re thinking “English please?” This means lasers are able to target the specific area needing tattoo removal. This was a huge leap forward because everyone had assumed that lasers would destroy all the surrounding skin tissue during removal. Laser removal also can take ten or more treatments for tattoo removal, which can be so expensive and painful.

Fast forward to today and we not only have lasers that target specific layers of skin and use shorter wave-lengths for removal, there is also a procedure called Tatt2away that doesn’t use painful lasers and also does not take 10 treatments. That makes it cost effective, less painful, and less time consuming!

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