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This Can’t Be Real? A Man Mistakes a Jellyfish for a Breast Implant?

Mistakes a Jellyfish for a Breast Implant

Imagine swimming at the beach minding your own business and trying to relax and all of a sudden you have what appears to be a breast implant float on by you? I know I would grab it and see what it was. Well a Good Samaritan did just that. He grabbed the “implant” and rushed over to the Maroochydore police station where he submitted it for evidence. He went as far as suggesting that someone must have been murdered and they even immediately went to action starting an investigation. One officer took a closer look and realized the so-called implant was actually a dead jellyfish with no tentacles remaining. The Maroochydore police station was able to make light of the situation and even took pictures with the “evidence”. What a positive ending to what could have been a terrible situation!

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