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The Fastest Way to Achieve a Healthier You

Fastest Way to Achieve a Healthier You
Scales don’t tell all when it comes to weight loss, nor does weight loss specifically determine happiness.

Quite often you start a diet and after a week of seeing no results, you quit and go back to your happy and normal eating habits. Even though you are well aware they aren’t healthy: and unhealthy actually leads to being unhappy. A study in the U.K. conducted by three different researchers concluded that out of the men who admitted being depressed at age fifty, seventy percent were chronically ill or deceased by age sixty-five. If you have strong social connections with people you are generally happier and lead a longer life. I know I want to live a long happy life with my family so I am sharing with you some good tips to get healthy and happy for a new year and new you.

First, don’t focus on the numbers. Scales don’t tell all when it comes to weight loss, nor does weight loss specifically determine happiness. Just because the number on the scale hasn’t immediately changed doesn’t mean that you aren’t actually healthier than you were a week ago.

Here’s a big one: If you ditch soft drinks and drink water instead, you will feel so much relief after a short time, even as little as three days. You won’t immediately see that you lost actual weight which is why I advise to stay away from the scales. You will however feel better with more energy than you had before.

Kicking a habit like soda is so tough, and I don’t feel like we give people enough credit for it. You think, “Whoopee you gave up soda. Do you want a treat now?”

We should praise people who give something like that up to achieve a healthier self because they are overcoming an addiction. I know personally from experience that quitting caffeine is hard! We find ourselves not only addicted to the caffeine in the soda, but also the carbonation. I found it easier to give up soda for sparkling water first. From there, it’s easier to transition to normal water. Kicking this soda habit is just one fast way to healthier you.

Additionally, a positive mindset is a must. Maintaining the positive vibes around you is necessary. If you are constantly doubting yourself and harbouring negative thoughts, then you will maintain a negative mindset.

No one achieves goals with a negative mindset. You actually end up in a self-loathing state, hating anything and everything around you and wanting to do nothing to improve your situation. When you are negative you welcome in things like anxiety and depression which can become very serious illnesses that will drag you down.

If you find yourself surrounded by negative people, change your surroundings. Find the most uplifting people you know. Maybe you can work to become healthier together: mind, body, and soul.

There are daily tasks that can help achieve your goals and maintain a healthier self. Get a good night’s rest. Sleep is so very important. The body needs rest to wind down and get ready for another day of tackling goals.

Eat three square meals a day with healthy snacks in between. Don’t stop eating if your goal is to lose weight. The human body will retain all carbs and sugars you take in if you skip meals to make energy. It’s tough to remember sometimes but our energy comes from our food.

If you snack, try to keep it healthy and full of protein and vitamins – like nuts and berries – to give you a power boost throughout the day. Berries are full of antioxidants and nuts are packed with protein. Healthy snacks and clean eating lead to clean energy without the “late day lag” that you would have from a high sugar or caffeinated snack or drink.

Take twenty minutes a day for you! If you love writing, walking, meditating, reading, or maybe listening to soft music, do so and take that time for yourself to clear your head of what has happened throughout the day. Get back in touch with yourself so you can remember you are the person who needs to be happy first. Everyone and everything else follows after I am so guilty about doing this. So maybe you have laundry that needs to get put away or dishes to wash that’s fine because they are still going to be there after you recuperate. Take time for yourself as soon as the opportunity rises. Especially with little ones whether human or furry I’m sure something always needs your attention. If you don’t take care of yourself you drain yourself and have nothing to give in the end. You become so drained and depressed feeling used that you can’t give anymore. You just want to cry in a ball all because you didn’t take time for yourself. Focus on a positive mind and putting yourself first start today. Fill your cup before adding to others.

If I could pick out one of these points for you to follow first to achieve your best self, it is stay positive and keep moving. Achieve your goals. Make a checklist and mark each goal off as you achieve it. Be proud of your accomplishments and move forward for success. Don’t look back. The past is the past for a reason.

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