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Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Weight Loss
Water is the key to successful weight loss.

Everyone has thought about losing weight at some point I am sure. Well the New Year is coming and there is no better time to use your resolution for just that! A change in health and diet will lead to a healthier and happier you!

The first thing you should do is cut back on sugary drinks. Drink more water! Replace soda and juices with water! This will help tremendously and it’s so simple! It is a habit to grab a soda with your supper but instead run for the water and remember that soda is just adding weight to your body. The body retains water when all you drink is soda. Soda is loaded with sugars which turn to body fat.

If you drink water first thing when you wake up in the morning your body will be full quicker which will also decrease the amount of food you intake throughout the day. Portion size is also a big deal with dieting and losing weight. A lot of times we want that extra slice of pie or seconds on the Pavlova but when you are consuming the right amount of water each day your body will be full and there will be no need for extra sugars or more than an average portion of dessert.

Exercise seems to be the necessary evil with weight loss. Everyone wants something for doing nothing. Exercise happens when you don’t realize it though. Shopping at your favourite mall like the Sunshine Plaza is considered exercise. You are moving and grooving without realizing your exercising. Cleaning your house is exercise as well. Maybe clean your floors an extra day in the week or just go for a walk in the park and enjoy nature. You can clear your mind as well as remain active for a healthier you.

Losing weight seems terribly hard sometimes but I think if you truly commit to getting it done these simple tools will get you where you want to be. Substitute water more for your other daily drinks, practice portion control, and exercise whether it is shopping more, cleaning more, or walking more. It’s easy to enjoy your life being happier and healthier in your daily actions.

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